According to U.S. Pizza Team coordinator Caroline Felker, Frank Tamasi, age ten of St. Alban’s won first place at the LamoilleCounty field days talent show.  Frank stole the show tossing, juggling, and doing tricks with his pizza dough.  Frank was quite a sight to see when he walked out onto the stage.  He was dressed in his Angelina’s red pizza shirt, pizza boy chef hat, and his red high top Converse sneakers.  Frank came to life when his Pizza Boy USA song started to play over the sound system.  He flipped his pizza dough in the air and spun it on his fingers with such ease.  Frank brought the audience to life as they started to cheer him on.  Frank then started to show off his tricks.  He tossed the pizza dough behind his back and got down on the stage and somehow tossed it between and around his legs.  The crowd went nuts.  Frank showed off more of his dough tossing tricks by juggling and spinning two pizza doughs. 

Frank has won two silver medals at the Throw dough national championships in OrlandoFlorida.  He hopes to go to Florida in September and win the gold medal.  Winning first place at the Lamoille county field days should give Frank the confidence he needs to win the gold in Florida this year.

Frank’s grandfather Paul Tamasi, owner of Angelina’s Restaurant in Cambridge said, “I knew Frank had it all wrapped up when the man behind him said, That’s gonna be one hard act to follow.”  Frank left the fair with more dough than he came with.  He won a $30.00 cash prize and a first place trophy.    

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