NEW JERSEY, September 20, 2007/Pizza and Pajamas, LLC Pizza? Is it Cardboard or is it Content? Announce a pizza party in the dorm room – follow the footsteps! Pizza and Pajamas college marketing investment idea is a pizza party business in the dorm room – offering a care package with a pizza coupon, mailed in a pizza box, to the college dorm room.

Back-to-school marketing used to be about lunch boxes. According to the National Retail Federation, college students spend an average of $1,529.45 for college furniture, decorations and storage containers fueling a $47 billion plus annual spending spree for what amounts to “college stuff.” Dorm room life is about small spaces and large pizzas. Could a branded pizza box be the new lunch box? Is it cardboard, or is it content?

In 2007, the number of college students, aged 18-30, will be the largest in history with continued growth expected over the next three years. Nielsen’s measurement of TV viewing on college campuses was launched earlier this year providing a greater understanding of this generation’s media habits – e.g., a pizza party in the dorm room watching entertainment via broadband or cable. Companies, such as Comcast, are acknowledging that the collegiate environment is a social community enabling a rich marketing landscape for both college students and alumni, having recently introduced a niche channel for Penn State on demand.

Sylvia Dombrowski, Content Director of Pizza and Pajamas, remarks, “Pizza and Pajamas is an emerging, direct marketing product/service platform that is not simply a customer-relationship advertising tool, but a long-term, relationship-building equity gift box.” College campuses and social networking patterns are setting up targeted advertising opportunities beyond the 50 yard line in the football stadium. Just ask Jeffrey Hayzlett, CMO of Kodak’s Graphic Communications Group in Rochester, NY who declared, “Print is the new interactive media.”

About Pizza and Pajamas – Pizza and Pajamas is a unique gift basket delivered in a pizza box in the mail box. A Pizza and Pajamas college care package includes a pizza coupon for a large pizza, limited edition t-shirt/boxers, branded product placements and a “stress ball”. Pizza and Pajamas is about fun, Surprises, and Comfort.

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