Minneapolis, Minnesota — Aeris Marketing announces the availability of customized entertainment promotions for the Pizza Industry that Aeris Marketing creates, manages and fulfills at no cost to pizza business proprietors. With thousands of games and videos available from their entertainment partners, the program delivers something to satisfy every customer’s interest.

The program starts with free game or video downloads to generate excitement, earn customer loyalty and boosts sales. Customers can redeem their games and movies at a customized web portal that will keep them connected to your brand. Customer will also have the ability to purchase additional entertainment, and the revenue can be shared with you. The free game and movie downloads are offered by Aeris Marketing’s entertainment partners in exchange for the awareness that is generated for their products.

In today’s marketplace, it is essential to find an emotional connection that will build brand loyalty and increase sales. Entertainment is a powerful force in our “plugged-in” society with over 77% of US households watching DVD entertainment in Q1 2011 and 85.3% of all internet users watching videos and movies online. In addition, there are over 100 million people playing casual games online which amounts to 72% of all US households.

Only Aeris Marketing can create, manage and fulfill an entertainment program that brings together multiple studios and game partners at no-cost to you. Aeris Marketing believes it is important for companies to find exciting new ways to attract customers and generate awareness, which is why the combination of Aeris Marketing’s entertainment partners with the pizza industry is a recipe for success!

About Aeris Marketing

Aeris is a partnership marketing company that delivers compelling entertainment promotions through custom, turn-key solutions. By matching products and brands with top entertainment franchises, we are able to create strategic and enticing promotions.

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