Pizza 73, Western Canada's leading pizza chain, has added a hot and colourful new pizza to its signature menu items: the Chili Fiesta Pizza. Launched today across Pizza 73's network of 73 restaurants, the new pie is topped with a rich and meaty chili sauce, green peppers, banana peppers and red onions, all carefully sourced to provide best taste, quality and value.

"Providing choice and satisfaction to our customers through product innovation is something we've always believed in," said Pat Finelli, Chief Marketing Officer for Pizza 73. "The launch of the Chili Fiesta Pizza offers our customers a new and unique take on our traditional pizza while exploring a fresh new combination within our product roster."

With a strong list of popular menu items like traditional pizzas, saucy and meaty wings, curly fries and potato wedgies, Pizza 73's latest menu addition reflects a growing demand for new taste combinations and innovations at the fundamental base of pizza creation within the chain. By offering new pizza options, it opens the doors to pizza lovers of all ages who may prefer options beyond the traditional pizza pie.

"Variety is an important aspect of our business as it's constantly on the minds of our customers," said Finelli. "What we bring to the table is ultimately what keeps our customers coming back for more, so we like to keep our ideas fresh, our products of quality and our customers satisfied."

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Established in 1985, Pizza 73 aims to satisfy every customer by providing excellent quality food and true value in a fast and friendly manner. The company is a leader in the communities it serves and offers a broad range of menu items with 20 varieties of specialty pizzas, over 20 different toppings and four styles of crust (traditional pan, super pan, whole grain and gluten-free), and an assortment fresh side dishes including chicken wings, boneless chicken bites, wedgies, dipping sauces, salads and now chili and poutine. for more information.

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