• Pink Panties Pizza is a bit mysterious, but its edgy marketing and THC-infused pizza has created a buzz in Detroit.
  • To order from the ghost kitchen, you have to call or text a specified number, and a menu will be sent to you.

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Pink Panties Pizza, a ghost kitchen operation in Detroit, knows how to create a buzz without revealing much about itself.

For starters, there’s the name, which certainly grabs attention. Also, the company’s logo features a sexy anthropomorphic pizza slice—named Taylor Gourmet—clad in panties and fishnet stockings and striking a rather unlady-like pose.

And then there’s the slogan: Pink Panties Pizza hypes itself as “the No. 1 weed pizza company in the world.”

According to WKRC (that’s with a C) in Cincinnati, a pie from Pink Panties Pizza contains “between 500 mg and 1,200 mg of THC, averaging between 62 mg and 150 mg per slice.” While the company also offers pizza in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, WKRC reports, the THC-infused fare is only legal in Michigan.

Pink Panties Pizza / Facebook

To order anything from Pink Panties Panties, you have to call or text a number on the company’s social media pages, and a menu will be sent to you. It appears the pizzas are available for pickup only. But according to Kalamazoo radio station WRKR, you won’t be disappointed. An article on WRKR’s website says Pink Panties’ pizza “not only LOOKS amazing and TASTES amazing…it makes you FEEL amazing.”

Pink Panties even has a high-spirited music video (below) on YouTube, with the rapper exclaiming, “My pizza and my weed just got married!”

Otherwise, the company is a bit mysterious. It has an active social presence, particularly on TikTok, with a Facebook account dating back to September 2017, but no website and no listed physical address. Regardless, user comments are highly positive, and you don’t have to be dealing with the munchies to think the pies look delicious.

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