French fries may be more strongly associated with burgers than pizza, but this American favorite finds a place on many pizzerias’ menus—not only as a side order, but as a topping for outside-the-box specialty pies. So it’s no surprise that some pizzerias are celebrating National French Fry Day in style this Friday, July 12. (Get it? Fry-Day?)

Dedham House of Pizza (DHOP) in Dedham, Massachusetts, is counting on customers’ love for LTOs with its launch of a fry pizza for one day only to celebrate the occasion. Selling for $12 (small) or $19 (large), the DHOP French Fry Pizza is topped with fries and drizzled with ketchup (with mustard and mayo available for free upon request). 

As a Pizza Hall of Fame member, the family-owned DHOP has been serving New England Greek pan-style pizza to the local community for more than 50 years. But this pizzeria is no stranger to trying new things. Owner and operator George Panagopoulos is catapulting his mom-and-pop pizza shop to new heights of guest satisfaction by offering self-ordering kiosks, a mobile app, a rewards program, online specials, catering offerings, gluten-free pies and third-party delivery.

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Meanwhile, over in Kansas City, Missouri, the 18-location Minsky’s Pizza Café & Bar, known for its focus on gluten-free diners, is celebrating the holiday this Friday by offering 50% off its Seasoned French Fries with the purchase of any size Gourmet Cheeseburger Pizza. The special, available for dine-in, carryout and curbside delivery, and through online ordering, with a special discount code, combines three American classics—pizza, burgers and fries—in one sweet deal.

But perhaps no one is going more over-the-top to celebrate National French Fry Day than fry manufacturer McCain Foods, which is unveiling “the World’s First French Fry house,” open on July 12 and 13 in Oak Park, Illinois. The company announced in a press release that it has decked out a two-story house in Chicago with “an array of fry-themed decorations, from giant French fry inflatables and extravagant holiday lights to trees and shrubbery covered in themed ornaments—showcasing the ultimate testament to potato love.”

Guests at the fry house will also get the chance to hang with holiday hero Father Frymas, participate in a French fry sing-along, and enjoy free French fries topped with sauces and seasonings. Comedian and cookbook author Eric Wareheim will be joining in and hosting a related YouTube video for the event, while other content creators will be sharing “how they celebrate National French Fry Day with their favorite fry-tacular snack, DIY fry decorations and more, with content going live on July 12,” the company said. If you need more inspiration, McCain Foods is also offering a website page with creative ways and recipes to celebrate the day.