Pie Five Pizza

Plant-Based Meatballs Are the Star of New Signature Pizza at Pie Five

The Impossible Tuscan Pizza is another success for Impossible Foods as demand for vegan meat alternatives rises.

  • The Impossible Tuscan Pizza features plant-based meatballs, ricotta, mozzarella and the post-bake addition of grape tomatoes, arugula and a light lemon dressing.
  • The signature pizza offers “a delicious, health-conscious and environmentally-friendly topping that even meat lovers crave.”

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Impossible Foods, known for its plant-based meat alternatives, continues making inroads in the pizza industry as Pie Five Pizza, with locations in 10 states, debuted its Impossible Tuscan Pizza this week.

The new signature pizza’s proprietary meatball recipe uses plant-based Impossible Meatballs, which can also be added as a topping to other pizzas.

“Our Impossible Tuscan Pizza and meatballs are the latest additions to Pie Five’s menu that allows our guests to make conscious food choices that align with their individual tastes and wellness lifestyle,” said Pie Five Director Adam Schmidt.

The new Impossible Tuscan Pizza is built on Pie Five’s house-made thin crust and topped with marinara sauce, Impossible Tuscan meatballs, ricotta and house-grated mozzarella. After the pizza is baked, it’s finished with grape tomatoes, fresh arugula and a light lemon dressing.

Due to positive customer response, Pie Five is replacing its current meatball topping with the new Impossible meatballs, the company said. This announcement follows Pie Five’s Panzano pan crust launch in March.

“At Pie Five Pizza, we are always looking for ways to innovate our menu that reflect our customers’ needs and wants,” said RAVE Restaurant Group’s chief operating officer, Mike Burns. “Our Impossible meatballs give our customers a new way to build their pizza just how they want it, with the option to choose a delicious, health-conscious and environmentally-friendly topping that even meat lovers crave.”