Pi Pizzeria Launches Sqwid to Connect With Customers

“When Pi Pizzeria’s mobile food truck was out of commission earlier this year, owner Chris Sommers offered a free pie to the first several customers who responded using Sqwid, a platform he developed to connect with customers via social networking sites,” according to the St. Louis Business Journal. “Through Sqwid, which Sommers launched May 24, businesses can be notified of social media mentions and reviews, or respond to emails and text messages. Sqwid’s “Social Rewards” lets restaurants offer coupons or other offers promoted through Twitter, Facebook, email and other channels.

“We built Sqwid to help automate something we were already doing, albeit previously in an inefficient, unscalable and unreportable manner,” said Sommers, who also used Sqwid to introduce new products, like milkshakes at Pi’s Delmar location, and offer a free pizza to a customer celebrating a birthday. Using Sqwid, Sommers invited 25 Facebook fans and Twitter followers to Pi’s soft opening of a restaurant at the MX building in downtown St. Louis in May.

So far, Sommers said about 3,000 customers have signed up to use Sqwid. Along with Pi, Sommers has recruited other businesses, including a national grocer.”