(Press Release) Philadelphia, PA,  June 12, 2012– AppCreatorPro.com, a new start-up company based in Philadelphia and Huntington, MD, has created an easy and affordable way for small businesses to market themselves via customized mobile apps that run on all smartphone platforms and help increase sales.

How can a shop owner, chef, or other small business get ahead in a high tech world? “I know how to make dough, but I don’t understand how computers work,” admits Jimmy Joyce of SLICES Pizza in East Falls, yet, he and co-owner Jim Williamson, are savoring the success of their new mobile app that lets customers order with a few swipes on a smartphone, sending SLICES online sales soaring 1,200 percent!

Like most people – including so many small business owners – high tech is not their forte, so they turned to AppCreatorPro.com, a new start-up company that makes it easy for anyone to have an app. Answering a few quick questions online lets AppCreatorPro craft an app to do whatever a business owner wants it to – take orders, give customers directions, or schedule appointments from a phone or tablet. “This service makes it easy for virtually anyone to have an app, without learning computer code or hiring IT experts, because, frankly, most small businesses don’t have the time or money for that,” says Zach Segal, Sales Manager of AppCreatorPro.com.

Each app is customized to the organization – an app can in effect put an apartment brochure into a smartphone for easy review by a prospective tenant later; it can circumvent phone waiting at doctor’s offices for appointments and referral requests; it can provide key emergency response information to people right when they need it; it can take mobile directories of people and products for easy reference; it can organize conventions for attendees, AND it can deliver powerful marketing impact.

The proof is in the pizza sales for SLICES. Their app helps make online ordering easy, so when customers are stuck in a meeting or running late getting home, they can order lunch or dinner without having to take a break to talk on the phone. “It’s a big deal for a small business like ours, because we know smart phones are the way to go, but we had no clue how to do this ourselves,” notes Joyce.

Hear Slices Pizza’s owners tell their own story on the AppCreatorPro website.

The breakthrough ease of AppCreatorPro.com gives old-fashioned, hands-on enterprises access to all the benefits of new technology – without the expense and hassle of hiring IT experts. It also frees business owners from the frustration of figuring out the technology themselves so they can focus on what they do best, like make pizza.

Many small business owners have heard that the cost of a mobile app is prohibitive, but SLICES owners say the low monthly fee for the App service has not only saved them money in their marketing budget but the return on investment through increased sales is extraordinary. The App caught on so fast, they’re spending less than they used to for other advertising. Once the app was created, Joyce says, ‘We put it on our own phones, then we put a sign in the store and stuck a flyer in with each order for a month or so. Plus we alerted our friends on Facebook and a lot of people picked it up that way – then they passed it along.” A sharing button – via email, Twitter, Facebook or Google+ – is part of the SLICES app, so now the customers are part of the marketing team.

Will DeLamater, CEO of AppCreatorPro.com says, “Not too many years ago, everyone wondered if they needed a website. Now that is taken for granted. The same dynamic is happening with mobile apps. Only faster!”

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