Hip-Hop and Instant Hot Kosher Food?

NEW YORK, May 7 /PRNewswire/ — What do the world of hip-hop and kosher vending have in common? A lot, according to Ruby Azrak, former Phat Farm executive and partner to hip hop mogul Russell Simmons, and current producer of House of Dereon, superstar Beyonce’s family brand.

Kosher Vending Industries, LLC. (KVI), makers of Hot Nosh 24/6(TM), the first certified kosher on-demand hot food available through vending machines, has announced that Mr. Azrak has invested in the company to help fuel a nationwide expansion.

While specific terms were not disclosed, Mr. Azrak confirmed his investment in KVI was “in the millions.”

Regarding the unlikely pairing of hip hop culture and instant hot kosher food, Mr. Azrak explains: “Every business I go into targets niche audiences. Hot Nosh 24/6(TM) addresses a void and taps into the kosher food market in a way that no other product does today.”

KVI was established when co-founders Alan Cohnen and Doron Fetman were discussing the challenges kosher travelers have when visiting locations that have no available kosher hot food. Together they researched various options and the KVI concept was born.

“I know this niche,” added Mr. Azrak, who also eats only kosher food. “Kosher Vending Industries is a great play in this market. I anticipate tremendous growth.”

Concerning the capital infusion, Mr. Fetman explained: “Ruby’s investment in Kosher Vending Industries comes at a critical moment. While bolstering KVI’s position as a sound business proposition, this additional capital will help us leverage the tremendous success we’ve enjoyed with the initial launch of Hot Nosh 24/6(TM).”


Mr. Cohnen and Mr. Fetman will use the capital to help expand the company, first in the New York City area and, very quickly, nationwide. In a matter of months since conception, the company has signed more than 50 locations and will be ready to launch in the next couple of months.

The company is also looking for entrepreneurs interested in ground-floor business opportunities. KVI will lease its machines and license the Hot Nosh 24/6(TM) name and product line to help stimulate coast-to-coast growth.

“This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who don’t have a lot of money to spend,” explained Mr. Cohnen. “There is quite literally no limit to where our machines can be placed, including transportation centers, sports arenas, amusement parks, schools, museums, and so on.”


KVI was established to address the needs of people who eat only certified kosher food and, as a result, often have limited options when away from home. The snacks include Sicilian pizza, mozzarella sticks, potato knishes, onion rings and vegetarian cutlets. A separate machine dispenses fresh, grilled kosher hot dogs in a bun. The snacks which are Cholov Israel and Pas Israel, as well as the hot dogs which are mezonot, are all Kof-K certified and under a Chasidish Hashgacha. New snacks will be offered in the future.

KVI uses HOT Choice System(TM) technology from KRh Thermal Systems, Inc. The proprietary HOT Choice(R) Automated Diner was the first fully automated food delivery system to offer high-quality, hot cooked meals in 60 seconds (from frozen).

For freshly grilled hot dogs, KVI uses the HD3000 from LHD Vending Systems, which employs a patented technology to refrigerate, store, grill and dispense hot dogs on a warm bun in a plastic tray, in as short as 45 seconds.

For more information on the various kosher certifications, business opportunities, and to find a Hot Nosh 24/6(TM) location near you, please visit http://www.koshervendingindustries.com/.

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