1,600 pizzas donated to reward fundraising efforts at Arizona schools

More than 140,000 students and staff at Arizona schools raised nearly $160,000 this year to support the Pennies for Patients program run by The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, prompting Scottsdale-based Peter Piper Pizza to donate 1,600 pizzas for celebrations in campus classrooms. Peter Piper Pizza has provided this recognition for outstanding philanthropic support for more than six years, although this year marks their largest single donation ever. 

“The pizza parties that Peter Piper Pizza donates are a wonderful way to motivate students and to thank them for their generous contribution of time and service,” said Carleesa Duncan, Campaign Coordinator at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. “Peter Piper Pizza not only makes it possible to provide a great reward but it helps us cut down the extensive costs that we would incur if we had to purchase pizza parties for each top class.  We are so incredibly thankful that they are making it possible to reinforce life-long lessons for our youth and to fund more patient aid and research.  Each dollar that we do not have to spend makes a difference in the fight against leukemia, a disease that  kills more children under the age of 20 then any other cancer.  In my eyes Peter Piper Pizza’s donations not only contributes to the current success in battling blood cancers, but will help those who fight blood cancers in years to come.  Each pizza party they sponsor allows us to fund another day of  research taking us one step closer to a cure.  Each time their donation allows researchers to find a better medicine Peter Piper Pizza helps us save lives. Every time they reward a student for their generosity they help reinforce to our youth that they can make a difference. For this we our grateful and cannot thank them enough.” 

Blood cancers are an important heath concern; every 10 minutes someone dies from blood cancer and every five minutes a person is diagnosed with a blood cancer.  Peter Piper Pizza is an important partner in the battle against these diseases. 

“All of us at Peter Piper Pizza are happy to support the students, parents, teachers and staff at schools that participate in Pennies for Patients,” said Don Pijut, Director of Marketing. “Children and families are the core of our restaurants, and giving back to our community is a strong value within our company. We’re excited to help classes celebrate their success in raising funds for such a great cause.”

Peter Piper Pizza has been a strong supporter of schools ever since the company was founded in Arizona in 1973. When students achieve academic goals, good citizenship or exemplary sportsmanship, the chain regularly offers recognition in the form of certificates and free meals.

For more information about Pennies for Patients and how students can help fight blood cancers  please contact Carleesa Duncan of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.   Phone: (602)788-8622 Ext. 25 or (800)568-1372.   The program may be run for a 3-week period in either February or March.  In addition to a pizza party participating schools are eligible to win valuable gift cards which can be used for school supplies or other needs.  Additional information about Pennies for Patients may be obtained by visiting their website at  For information about patient aid and services contact Kathleen Gross, Patient Services Manager at Ext. 15.


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