• For Palace Pizza in Dallas, Peter Cho bakes his pies one at a time and hands them out through the window of his first-floor apartment, accepting donations in return.
  • A food writer for the Dallas Morning News says the pizzas “beam with flavors that you can picture as you taste your first bite.”

In a city known for its restaurants, Peter Cho is winning acclaim for a cottage pizzeria that he runs out of his Dallas apartment, where he dishes out pies—baked one at a time—just one day a week.

Per the Dallas Morning News, the menu for Palace Pizza isn’t exactly extensive, but the fare was good enough to get the attention of food writer Nick Rallo, who reports that both the plain cheese and cheese-and-pepperoni pies are “simple yet extraordinary.”

Cho offers his pizza only on Wednesdays, and customers have to place orders through his Instagram account. He bakes each pie individually in a Breville oven. Since it’s illegal to sell hot food from your home in Texas, Cho gets around the law by accepting donations.

Peter Cho / Instagram

Cho started out in the pizza industry at a Papa John’s store, then worked at Bryan Spangler’s Apizza Scholls in Portland, Oregon. After returning to Dallas, he worked for Jay Jerrier’s famous Cane Rosso and at the now-defunct Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck.

Cho makes all the pizzas himself in his first-floor apartment in Oak Lawn. The apartment has a screen door and a small window through which he passes his pies to eager customers.

Rallo raved about the pizzas in his article. “The tomato sauce beams with flavors that you can picture as you take your first bite: rain-fresh tomatoes, char, garlic…His pizza’s best devoured right out of the oven while the cheese and sauce bubble noisily together. A scalded roof of the mouth is worth it for this bite.”

Cho has also held pizza pop-ups at Double Wide, a live-music and drinking establishment in Dallas, as well as at tattoo parlors around the city. Rallo reports that Cho is “brainstorming ideas for the business.”

The Palace Pizza Instagram account currently has 907 followers. In a post in early October, Cho listed the pies that would be offered for the coming month. The plain cheese is always available, while others included a Pepperoni and Jalapenos, a Tomato and Basil, and a Pepperoni and Pineapple.

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