Perfect for pizzerias, everyone notices and reads an LED-based Electronic Message Center.

Like the many advances in our modern world, the latest developments in advertising come through advances in technology. Through technology, LED Electronic Message Centers offer distinct advantages over traditional advertising and basic signage in three key areas:

1. Gaining Attention—In this modern era, our senses are constantly barraged, and we have become desensitized by much of what we are meant to notice. When a person is exposed to traditional signs repeatedly, he becomes immunized; the signs simply become part of the landscape. That means no one notices the business the sign was meant to promote. Gaining attention is the first step in bringing new customers in the door. Everyone notices and reads an LED-based Electronic Message Center. Whether animated or not, flashing or still, those bright LEDs demand to be noticed!

2. Strategic Marketing—With traditional signage, your message is limited, static and quickly ignored. With an Electronic Message Center, messages can be created on the fly or timed to appear when most advantageous. Dynamic content on an Electronic Message Center isn’t just easier and more practical than what can be done on a traditional or even a changeable-letter sign; it’s also far more powerful. On average, a sign needs to be seen for seven seconds to be read. If a commuter is exposed to a static sign for 30 seconds, they will be exposed to the same message for the entire time. If they notice it at all, they certainly won’t spend that entire 30 seconds paying attention to it. With an Electronic Message Center, the commuter can be exposed to four different seven-second messages, promotions and calls to action, and each message demands to be read on the spot. Equally importantly, an Electronic Message Center targets your marketing efforts directly to those who are most likely to become your customers! Consumerism is led by convenience, and what could be more convenient than the pizza shop people pass on their way to and from work? These are the people an Electronic Message Center advertises to!

3. Generating Results—According to a U.S. Small Business Administration study, businesses that invest in Electronic Message Centers see an increase in business between 15% and 150%! It concluded that no other advertising medium comes close to Electronic Message Centers on a return-on-investment basis. For 1,000 exposures, newspaper advertising costs more than $7, TV costs over $6, and radio costs over $5. LED Electronic Message Centers cost less than fifteen cents for 1,000 exposures. There is no better ROI in advertising!

The future of advertising is led by the latest technology, and with the iBoard Series LED Electronic Message Centers from I.C.E. Signs, the future is NOW! 800-242-0761,