CONCORD, Calif., Sept. 5 /PRNewswire/ — On September 6, bringing the family around the table will be as easy as 1-2-3.  With three kinds of supremely delicious pepperoni, video games will be vacated and cell phones will fall silent as Round Table Pizza introduces its latest specialty pizza, the new Primo Supremo — the perfect pepperoni pizza.

>What makes it primo?  Three kinds of pepperoni strike a chord of

>flavor, texture and spice, celebrating everything we love about

>pepperoni.  What makes it supremo?  Three hundred and sixty degrees of

>pepperoni are twisted into our signature crust, while red onions, Roma

>tomatoes and shredded parmesan further enhance the flavor of the

>pepperoni trifecta.  What makes it perfect?  You do! It’s a pizza that

>will bring the whole family together at the table.



>For those who remain skeptical that even a perfect pepperoni pizza can

>beckon their families from their respective social corners, allow us to

>introduce family pizza enthusiast — Pizza Knight.



>”Pizza Knight is the defender of family dining and the guardian of

>reconnecting around the table,” says Round Table Pizza director of

>advertising, Eric Coolbaugh.  “His mission: to heroically remove

>barriers that stand in the way of families gathering together and to

>protect that sacred and nostalgic time known universally as ‘pizza

>night.’  His weapon: enthusiasm, a magnetic personality, and the

>delicious Primo Supremo pepperoni pizza.”



>”Pepperoni is the most loved of all pizza toppings,” explains Michele

>Hennessey, director of product development.  “We wanted to honor

>pepperoni’s place atop the pizza pyramid by transforming the everyday

>pepperoni pizza into a supreme specialty — something we accomplished

>with high quality ingredients, three dimensions of pepperoni flavor and

>new textures.”



>The Primo Supremo will be available for a limited time beginning

>September 6, at participating Round Table Pizza restaurants.



>About Round Table Pizza



>Founded in Menlo Park, CA in 1959, Round Table Pizza has been a west

>coast institution for over 45 years.  Round Table has grown to be a

>leader in the premium pizza market and focuses on serving the needs of

>families as one of the largest pizza chains in the nation.  The

>company, known for making “the last honest pizza,” has a system of over

>500 franchised and company-owned stores operating in the western U.S.

>with system revenues in excess of $400 million.  Round Table Pizza,

>Inc. is a private, 100% employee-owned company with corporate offices

>based in Concord, California.

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