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“With DoorDash Self-Delivery, we set out to build a product that would enable Jimmy John’s and other restaurants to reach DoorDash’s customer base while complementing their own existing delivery operations,” said Sanjay Kotte, head of strategic partnerships at DoorDash, in response to the recent integration with Jimmy John’s enterprise-wide PDQ POS system from PDQ Signature Systems, their long-tenured point-of-sale provider. To date, PDQ Signature Systems is the only POS provider to accomplish a seamless, value-added integration to DoorDash’s new Self-Delivery platform.

As quoted by DoorDash, the integration allows Jimmy John’s, an acclaimed QSR franchise with 2,600-plus locations in 43 states, to add more than 2,400 DoorDash service locations while significantly minimizing changes to its in-store operations and ensuring that its existing menus and store hours stay synced with the DoorDash platform.

The DoorDash Self-Delivery feature complements Jimmy John’s stated philosophy on delivery, as it allows Jimmy John’s to list their stores on the DoorDash marketplace while continuing to use its own in-house drivers to fulfill deliveries.

The rollout comes after the concept was tested for six months in 100 locations. According to DoorDash, contactless curbside pickup at Jimmy John’s, also provided by PDQ Signature Systems, is available through the DoorDash platform, as is DoorDash’s subscription program, DashPass, which offers members unlimited free delivery fees and reduced service fees on orders over a low minimum amount.

PDQ Signature Systems previously provided Jimmy John’s with seamless value-added integration for online ordering, a facet of the business that has seen exponential growth over the years. “What we did for Jimmy John’s is typical of what we do for all of our POS customers,” said John White, EVP/CTO for PDQ Signature Systems. “The value we add—especially when it comes to third party integration—is both measurable and meaningful.”

With over 34 years of proven experience in developing innovative fast-cycle products and services for restaurants, retail and casinos, PDQ Signature Systems, a multi-award-winning technology solutions company, is a marketplace leader with its feature-rich PDQ POS, the “fastest and easiest point-of-sale system available.”

With holistic, fast-cycle solutions for sustained growth and cost savings, PDQ Signature Systems has become a single-stop partner for point-of-sale, with essentials such as mobile POS, self-serve kiosks, delivery and contactless functionality, native online ordering, native rewards/loyalty, native cloud-based enterprise reporting, natively integrated digital menu boards and text-overlay camera systems, cyber/data security with PCI compliance, RESTful APIs and more. To learn more, visit, call 877-968-6430 or email

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