PDQ POS Helps Pizzerias Rise to the COVID-19 Challenge

The pandemic has upended the restaurant industry in ways unthinkable just a few months ago. PDQ understands the hardships owners are facing as COVID-19 continues to challenge us in myriad ways. As the No. 1-rated pizzeria POS, PDQ recognizes your current dependence on off-premises solutions like online ordering and contactless delivery/pickup and the use of rewards to gain customer loyalty. Here’s how they can help you:

PDQ Custom Online Ordering

Their feature-rich, custom-branded online ordering solution can be quickly implemented at your store. Commission-free, you’ll get unlimited use for one low flat monthly fee. While natively integrated with PDQ POS, you don’t even need a POS (or their POS) to take advantage of the proven benefits of online ordering. 

PDQ Contactless Delivery Functionality

Your online ordering customers will be able to select “Contactless Delivery,” ensuring their safety and the safety of your drivers. When selected, or told to you via a phone order, “Contactless Delivery” will be printed on the receipt to alert drivers to place the order on the doorstep. (A text alert can then be sent to the customer—see below!)

PDQ Delivery Toolkit

The PDQ Delivery Toolkit App enhances your delivery service by providing drivers with driver mapping and essential tools that save in-store tip/receipt reconciliation time, ensure order accuracy with “item reminders” and alert customers via text. The Toolkit also provides a driver tracking map, back-end reporting to ensure driver integrity and metrics to accurately determine road time vs. in-store time for wage purposes. 

PDQ Seamless Integration to Third-Party Delivery Providers

PDQ POS provides seamless integration to the two most widely used third-party platforms: DoorDash and Uber Eats. PDQ also offers integration to ItsaCheckmate, a third-party aggregator that integrates to over 40 third-party platforms, eliminating the need for a tablet for each provider. 

PDQ Tablet POS

With the rise of curbside pickup, PDQ’s rugged, restaurant-ready POS tablets add mobility to the POS. Complete with secure EMV (chip) payments, they’re perfect for curbside transactions and great for in-house driver dispatch—and, of course, line busting when the crowds finally return after the crisis. 

PDQ Rewards

Custom branded and customizable, the easy-to-use PDQ Rewards program, with a low, flat monthly fee, keeps your customers coming back—and ordering more of your great food! 

For 32-plus years, thousands of customers in thousands of locations have looked to PDQ to help grow their business. Learn more at PDQpos.com or call 877-968-6430 today.