Gift cards are notoriously wasteful, with up to 18% of prepaid gift cards going unused. This troubles and annoys purchasers who give gift cards. For retailers, new consumer protection and tax laws have made unused gift cards much more costly to manage.

Now, pay-on-use gift cards—created by Kiind—are changing gift cards as we know them. With Kiind, you can send a recipient a digital gift card but you won’t be charged until the recipient redeems it.

The company allows users in North America to send egift cards from retailers like iTunes, Amazon, Nike, and local businesses in select cities like San Francisco and LA.

“Kiind let’s people defer if and when they pay for a gift. Of course, our platform does more than help people spend wisely, which is why we are growing so quickly,” says Kiind CEO, Leif Baradoy. “Kiind users can offer recipients a choice between multiple gifts—even charity. Plus, Kiind provides insights and analytics on every gift that goes through our system.”

Businesses and professionals are using Kiind’s gift platform to show appreciation to employees and clients. “Kiind makes it easy to nurture referrals and relationships with smart loyalty marketing,” notes Travis Saxton of REAL Trends, a Kiind user. “With Kiind, I can measure the result of my gifts while only paying for what people want. It’s great.”

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