“All too often when something tragic happens, the event is forgotten weeks or even days later. But for those who are most directly impacted, the pain and challenges going forward don’t disappear with the ever-changing news cycle,” according to the Highlands Ranch Herald.


“The awareness of that situation prompted David Parry to turn his three Douglas County pizzerias into one gigantic community fundraiser for Cassandra Sullivan, three weeks after the July 20 Aurora shootings that claimed the life of her husband, Alex, along with 11 other innocent moviegoers.

Using social media and fliers to get the word out in order to keep costs down, Parry’s Pizza locations in Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock and Parker made a promise to take the proceeds from all of the meat pizzas sold Aug. 9, match that amount and give the funds to Sullivan. In addition, Avery, Bristol, Arvada and Dry Dock breweries all donated beer to the event, allowing Parry’s to raise even more money.

The result was lines out the door at all three locations throughout the day, leading to record-setting lunch crowds that allowed Parry’s to raise $9,122.56. After some extra donations from employees and ownership, Sullivan will soon be presented with a check for $10,000.”

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