Paradise Sponsors U.S. Pizza Team

According to a press release, The US Pizza Team, a group of pizza owners who take their passion for pizza to the next level, traveled to compete in the annual World Pizza Championship, which was held in Italy this past April.  

The eight member team traveled to Italy to compete, entertain and spread the word on pizza. The effort and travel is funded by food and equipment manufacturer sponsors, including Paradise, which is a top level Gold Sponsor.   

The team is made up of individuals from all over the US, who got to compete in various competitions. Four of the team members brought home second place in the team acrobatic dough throwing competition. Two team members took third and fourth place in the freestyle acrobatic dough throwing competition. Despite the different backgrounds of the individual members, the eight individuals each brought character, expertise and excitement to the table, which helped them build great friendships and cream the competition.  

About Paradise 

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