Papa Romano’s Pizza Franchisee Uses Email to Significantly Increase July Sales

July is typically a slow month in the restaurant business. Papa Romano’s Pizza franchisee, Mike Bahoora, decided to do something about that. Mike used his new email club to send some very aggressive coupons to his email club members. The increase in sales was dramatic over typical sales volumes.

Bloomfield Township, MI (PRWEB) August 2, 2007 — July is typically a slow month in the restaurant business. Mike Bahoora, owner of a Papa Romano’s Pizza franchise in Bloomfield Township, MI thought he would see if he could do something about that. “I decided to send some aggressive coupons to the members of my new email club to drive some sales,” said Mike. “The increased sales were well beyond my expectations.”

On an average week Mike’s location sells 50 Bambino Pizzas. Mike adds, “In late June my email club members received a special on Bambino Pizzas along with three other coupons. Over the first two weeks of July I sold over 300 Bambinos.” Mike continues, “Sixty-percent of those sales included add-on purchases of salads, bread sticks and drinks.”

The Bambino promotion was so successful that Mike decided to send another email to his club members. This time he decided to offer a special on Papa Romanos subs in the last two weeks of July.

Mike says, “Once again, it was another home run. I increased sales of subs 200 percent over the two weeks of the promotion.” Mike adds, “What I love about the email club is my competition does not know what promotions I am running. They have no time to react.”

Mike started his email club about seven months ago. Dave Gonynor, owner of Thatsbiz and a customer of Mike’s for many years, introduced Mike to the Thatsbiz Email Club services.

“I knew Dave when he owned an Information Technology business right up the road from my location for several years,” Mike says. “Dave had stopped in to pick up an order and told me about Thatsbiz which he started in 2003. Dave explained that I could take advantage of email to send coupons and promotions to my customers and I wouldn’t have to touch my computer. I decided to give it a try. Needless to say I am very pleased I did.”

Mike is looking forward to tripling the size of his email list. Mike adds, “I’ve got a ton of ideas of what I want to promote over the coming months. I also know that the bigger my email list gets the better results with every new promotion.” Mike concludes with, “I feel I have more control to increase sales with my email club.”

About Papa Romanos:
Papa Romano’s Pizza began serving its fresh, made-from-scratch pizza from a single location in Southfield, Michigan in 1970. Today, the privately held company has 60 restaurants throughout southern and central Michigan, caters parties of 10 or more and offers a full menu of traditional and specialty pizzas, breads, salads, chicken, subs, pasta and more. Papa Romano’s Pizza has a passion for pleasing its customers and is dedicated to serving fresh, high-quality food.

About Thatsbiz:
Thatsbiz provides effective and affordable Email Marketing and Satisfaction Feedback services for independently owned and franchised businesses. Thatsbiz services help small business owners stretch their marketing dollars and convert customer feedback into profits. For more information visit

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