According to the Seattle Times, “Papa John’s has raised so much money for the families of the slain Lakewood police officers that its pizza shops in the Seattle area are running out of dough.”

“The pizza chain announced that its 42 shops in the Puget Sound region would donate profits from sales Tuesday and today to the families of officers Tina Griswold, Ronald Owens, Mark Renninger and Gregory Richards. Orders poured in at such a pace that some Seattle-area shops couldn’t take new orders on Wednesday afternoon, said Matt Edwards who oversees operations for 10 shops, including those in the University District and West Seattle. ‘The response has been truly overwhelming from an operational and emotional standpoint,’ Edwards said. ‘I just couldn’t be more proud to be part of the community.’ Shortages hit Pierce County outlets Tuesday night, according to owner Peter Ogg. But a new shipment of supplies arrived Wednesday morning, and the stores are up and running with a limited menu, he said.”

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