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Papa John's Scores Super Bowl Sponsorship

According to Business Week, “Papa John’s International Inc. has scored bragging rights as the official pizza sponsor of next month’s Super Bowl — a day when Americans will wolf down millions of slices.”

“Papa John’s spokesman Chris Sternberg declined to disclose how much dough the world’s third-largest pizza company paid the NFL for its official pizza sponsorship with the league and the Super Bowl on Feb. 7. ‘It’s probably one of the largest, if not the largest, marketing sponsorship we’ve done in the history of our company,’ Sternberg said Tuesday. The Louisville-based chain, which has more than 3,400 restaurants in 30 countries, also will get to pitch its pizzas during the Super Bowl as part of the sponsorship deal, he said. He said that Papa John’s expects to sell more than 750,000 pizzas on Super Bowl Sunday at its 2,700 domestic restaurants.”