Papa John’s in the U.K. is wrapping up 2019 with a festive collaboration with the homelessness charity, Crisis, to bring pizza fanatics the best presents beneath the Christmas tree: pizza-scented wrapping paper.

For the #ChristmasIsBetterShared campaign, graphic illustrator Mike Hughes created two designs for the pizza-scented wrapping paper. The first design features pizza oven igloos and pizza DJs. The second design is simply an illustration of a large, glistening pepperoni pizza that emits the mouth-watering scent of fresh oven-baked pizza from beneath the tree.

The pizza-scented wrapping paper options are available online for £4.99 by Papa John’s, and the proceeds will benefit Crisis.

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“We’re really proud to be working with Crisis, a charity that aims to eradicate homelessness and provides vital services to people in the UK at one of the hardest times of the year,” said Papa John’s marketing director, Giles Codd. “We hope that the money raised will help toward Crisis continuing the fantastic work they do not just at Christmas, but throughout the whole year.”

The U.K. Papa John’s is also selling festive gifts, from special pizza boxes to sweaters, phone cases and flip-flips (yes, sandals in winter) with all proceeds benefiting the nonprofit.

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