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Papa John's Pizza Delivery Guy Helps Save Man Trapped Under Tree Branch

According to, “A Papa John’s pizza delivery guy set down the pizza then helped rescue his customer, who was trapped under a fallen tree branch Saturday afternoon.”

“Adam Looman arrived in his pizza delivery car at a home on Botsford Place NE just after 12:30 p.m. ‘As I got there, there was a woman in the driveway talking on the phone, and she seemed frantic,’ said Looman, 20. “I heard her say on the phone that her husband was stuck under a tree. She told me to put the pizza on a pick-up truck parked in the driveway. “I asked her if there was anything I could do to help,” Looman said. “There was a man already back there with a chainsaw – I think he was a friend – sawing the branch from the tree. She asked if I thought I could help lift the log off him once the guy had it sawed off. I said sure.”

“So that’s what he did. Looman said the trapped man was laying on one leg. ‘His other leg was bent in a way that a leg just shouldn’t be bent,’ he said. He and the chainsaw operator worked together to lift the heavy log off, Looman said. ‘I heard that the ambulance was coming, and I made sure there was nothing else I could do,” Looman said. And he went back to work.”