Papa Johns is bringing back Cheesy Burger Pizza. The marketing associated with the menu item appears to take a playful shot at Pizza Hut’s recent launch of a Cheeseburger Melt.

“While others have attempted to enter the burger game,” the press release stated, apparently alluding to Pizza Hut and its melt, “Papa Johns is delivering exactly what the internet wants: Cheesy Burger Pizza.”

In a press release, Papa Johns claimed over 500,000 fans have begged for Cheesy Burger Pizza’s return. Whereas Pizza Hut sent delivery drivers with QR codes on the back of their windows into drive-thrus belonging to burger chains in order to convert customers, Papa Johns was responding to popular demand. At least, that is probably what Papa Johns would like burger enthusiasts and pizza lovers to believe.

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The Cheesy Burger Pizza features Papa Johns’ “fresh, never frozen dough topped with a signature burger sauce, generous portions of beef, tomato, dill pickle, and real cheese made from mozzarella, served of course with a cup of the brand’s famous Special Garlic Sauce and pepperoncini.”

Accompanying the Cheesy Burger Pizza is the return of the Cheesy Burger Papadia, along with the all-new Cheesy Burger Papa Bites. The full Cheesy Burger Trio lineup is available for Papa Rewards members starting June 10 and for fans nationwide on June 13, with the Cheesy Burger Papadia and Papa Bites priced at, $6.99 and $4.99 respectively.

A large Cheesy Burger Pizza is being offering for just $10 to the first 500,000 fans, the press release said.

“The Cheesy Burger Pizza has been a favorite for over a decade and fans have passionately let us know they want it back through endless comments, tweets and phone calls begging for its return,” says Kimberly Bean, vice president of integrated marketing and menu strategy at Papa Johns. “While other chains are going up against the burger, we’re putting pizza first and staying true to our commitment by giving fans exactly what they want—pizza.”

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