A new floor plan for Papa John's stores promises a more seamless pickup experience for customers.

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Papa Johns: Expect Problems With Delivery, Shorter Hours

  • Papa Johns CEO Rob Lynch said customers “may experience some changes” at their local restaurants, including reduced hours and lack of delivery drivers.
  • Lynch said the company is “experiencing temporary staffing challenges, which in limited cases may impact our ability to deliver or take orders.”

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In an unusual letter sent out on February 5 to its customers, Papa Johns said challenges brought on by the pandemic could lead to reduced hours, limited delivery and temporary closures at some of its locations.

The letter is attributed to Papa Johns CEO Rob Lynch. Referring to the ongoing labor crisis and shortages in the supply chain, Lynch said, “Thank you for being patient as we navigate restaurant operations during this unprecedented time.” He also warned that customers “may experience some changes in your local restaurant,” such as lack of delivery drivers.

Lynch said Papa Johns is “taking specific actions to ensure a quality experience for you.” These actions include regular cleanings of the restaurants, increased carryout and drive-thru options and “hiring the best team of pizza lovers.”

The letter notes that the chain is seeing “unprecedented levels of demand.” Lynch added: “Like all sectors of the economy, we are experiencing temporary staffing challenges, which in limited cases may impact our ability to deliver or take orders.

Papa Johns is no stranger to adversity and has executed a remarkable comeback since its founder, John Schnatter, was removed as chairman and CEO in a series of controversies several years ago. Last November, the chain, formerly called Papa John’s in Schnatter’s honor, removed the apostrophe from its name and simply became Papa Johns.

Also in November, Papa Johns unveiled a new open-floor plan to allow its stores to provide a “seamless” pick-up experience, including a self-service option, drive-thru ordering and a pick-up lane for customers in their cars.