The Grilled Buffalo Chicken Papadia is one of several new menu items that Papa John's introduced in 2020, which turned out to be a banner year for the chain.

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Papa John’s Promises Year-End Bonuses to 14,000 Corporate Employees

Just days after Domino’s announced it would be giving year-end bonuses to more than 11,500 hourly employees at its company-owned stores, rival Papa John’s has followed suit. The No. 3 pizza chain said today it will provide holiday bonuses to about 14,000 front-line team members at its corporate restaurants and supply chain.

After several years of falling sales and bad publicity from its ousted founder, John Schnatter, Papa John’s had one of its best years ever in 2020. And Rob Lynch, the chain’s president and CEO, wants the employees to reap some of the benefits.

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“Never has Papa John’s growth and success depended on our team members’ hard work, steadfast dedication and commitment to safety as much as this year,” Lynch said in a statement. “In particular, our front-line workers in our restaurants and supply chain have been a constant source of positivity and commitment throughout this challenging year, enabling Papa John’s to deliver to millions of new and returning customers.”

The bonuses will total about $2.5 million, the company said. Earlier in 2020, Papa John’s had also provided targeted bonuses, incentives and crisis pay for some of its corporate restaurant and supply chain team members. Papa John’s also expanded benefits for corporate employees, including free virtual doctor visits, additional paid time off and college tuition assistance.

With business booming ever since the pandemic began, the company also committed to hiring 30,000 additional employees earlier this year.

Papa John’s performance in 2020 signifies a remarkable about-face from previous years when the company had to cut royalties and other fees to help its franchisees stay afloat as sales plummeted around the country. This year, the company saw its same-store sales skyrocket as the demand for pizza delivery increased during the pandemic.

In May, for the second straight month, Papa John’s recorded its best sales period in company history.

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