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Packaging a Network in Pizza, Social Media, and the Elevator

According to a news report from, “The Food Network is rolling out a new multi-faceted national promo campaign, on and off the air, to draw in viewers using elevator screens, table coasters at Yuk-Yuks Comedy Clubs, an interactive wrestle-with-a-lobster-claw feature at, social media and – for the first time – pizza boxes.”

“The off-air aspects are present in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Kitchener and London. Aiming to hit potential viewers in-home, creative will appear on more than 70,000 pizza boxes in Ontario, emphasizing the funny and competitive side of Food Network programming in its messaging. The net teamed up with Fresh Tracks Media to distribute the pizza boxes to independent pizzerias across Canada (Cora Pizza, The Big Slice and Pizza Memo in Toronto, for example). “As the inaugural advertiser on pizza box advertising, our message is brought directly into the homes of our viewers in an unexpected and engaging way,” says director of advertising strategy Claire Moran. “It’s a guaranteed impression.” said the story.

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