More than 40 years ago, Michael Plummer owned a pizzeria in Iowa and was struggling to find the best way to get new customers through his doors. If he could just get them to try his pizza, he knew they would fall in love with it, but he needed to find the best way to get his message out to the community. After trying various marketing approaches, Plummer decided to pursue a small but significant market segment—the new residents moving into his community. He was so impressed with the phenomenal results of his efforts that he started Our Town, the nation’s premier new-mover program that still reaches out to new movers today.

Our Town takes full advantage of technological and operational advances to provide pizzeria sponsors with the most affordable and profitable marketing venue for reaching this niche new-mover market while carrying on the age-old tradition of welcoming new residents to the community. “My goal is to continue to carry on the tradition my father started 40 years ago and help our pizzeria sponsors capture this significant market,” says Our Town president Michael Plummer Jr.

Our Town delivers exceptional results that differentiate it from any other form of advertising by offering exclusivity, personalized packaging, automated true tracking, social media links and customer response feedback in the markets chosen by pizzeria sponsors. “We also make it turnkey for our sponsors so they don’t have to waste time with marketing initiatives and can focus on their mission-critical business goals,” says Our Town director of sales and marketing Marilyn Imparato.

Our Town’s unique program not only brings new customers through the pizzeria’s doors, but helps operators solidify repeat visits and long-term customers. “We initially reach out to the new movers, then reach them again after they visit your pizzeria to help you establish long-term customers, not just a one-time service. This gives our pizzeria sponsors the very best chance at capturing this market before their competitors do,” Plummer says.

If you are looking to get new customers and keep them as loyal, long-term customers while enjoying a true return on a nominal investment, contact Our Town today. For more information on the company and its services, contact Imparato at 727-345-0811, extension 226, or at Be sure to visit the company online at and on Facebook.

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