Every new resident who moves to your town is an opportunity for a new loyal customer. With 45 years of running an industry-leading New Mover program, Our Town America’s data shows this to be true. “It’s the bread and butter of what we do,” says Steven Sgroi, director of sales. “When families move, they are completely open to their new environment. They don’t have loyalties yet, but they will eventually become somebody’s regular customer.” And that business could be yours!

Using a combination of proprietary technology and 12 primary sources, Our Town America locates new movers in the area every month. The company keeps careful track of those who have already received a New Mover Welcome Package to make sure it’s the first time they receive a package from Our Town America. The mailing is addressed personally to the new mover household and stocked with valuable gift certificates. “The initial offer is a gift. It’s not a discount. That’s why the response rates are much better than typical mass mailers,” Sgroi affirms.

Through the use of their mobile app, Our Town America allows businesses to track who redeems their initial offer, as well as the option to follow up with a second offer. “Businesses usually choose to offer something smaller, such as breadsticks,” says Sgroi. “If you can bring a customer back a second time, it’s much more likely they will be back a third or fourth time.”

Our Town America’s data shows pizza restaurants, both dine-in and delivery, as the most successful category for their New Mover program. Regardless of record-breaking ROI in the pizza category, Our Town America continues to stay ahead with technological innovations. Their newest advancement allows businesses to apply a one-time-use tracking code on each new-mover gift certificate, providing better accountability amongst staff as well as POS integration.

Business owners can now see who is redeeming their gift certificates without using a mobile app. With the hospitality industry’s relatively high turnover rate, large chains and pizzerias are thrilled about the program now being POS- friendly, as they don’t have to repeatedly train staff on the mobile app. Since this POS integration, the company has seen an uptick in tracking and a more thorough use of the New Mover Program’s capabilities, putting Our Town America ahead of the curve once again. 

To learn how Our Town America can help you win new customers, call 800-497-8360, ext. 226, or visit their website at OurTownAmerica.com.


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