• As foodservice robots begin to look like a viable option in the coming year, OttOmate hosts an online event with some of the industry’s leaders this Friday.
  • Speakers include representatives from innovators like xRobotics, Picnic, Pazzi Robotics, Refraction AI and Papa John’s.

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Leaders in the industry will discuss the future (and the present) of foodservice robotics in OttOmate’s Pizza Automation Event, to be held online from 10 a.m. to 12 noon Pacific time (12 noon-2 p.m. Central and 1-3 p.m. Eastern) on Friday, November 19.

Tickets are $25, although the event is free to subscribers to OttOmate.news, which will host the event. PMQ readers qualify for a $5 discount when they register by using the discount code “OTTOPMQ.”

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The OttOmate Automation Event will feature discussions with seven leaders in the foodservice robotics industry. The topics and presenters include:

D’ough! Real World Lessons in Running a Robot Restaurant—Philippe Goldman, CEO of Pazzi Robotics. PAZZI operates two fully automated, robot-run restaurants in Paris. Goldman shares the lessons they’ve learned so far, including the complicated nature of dough.

Is Your Restaurant Ready for Robots?—Shawn Lange, president of Lab2Fab at Middleby and Alena Tikhova (below), chief marketing officer of xRobotics. They will consider questions restaurateurs would need to answer before plugging in a machine, including available space, additional automation tools and making sure they can all communicate with each other.

Alena Tikhova demonstrates the new xPizza Cube pizza-making robot from xRobotics.

Robot Delivery Is Here—Hugh O’Donnell, director of business development and strategy for Refraction AI. Refraction AI’s REV-1 robot is currently making pizza deliveries in Austin, Texas. O’Donnell talks about what his company has learned from the experience so far.

To VC or Not to VC? Modern Fundraising for Automation Startups—Kevin Morris, CFO at Wavemaker Labs, and Clayton Wood, CEO of Picnic. Can equity crowdfunding tools democratize the process of raising venture capital?

What Does Papa John’s Want from Automation?—William Taylor, senior director of engineering for Papa John’s International. Taylor talks about the kind of automation that’s most important to his company, what they’re looking for in a robotics partner and how to get your startup in front of the right people at the chain.

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