On Site Emergency Technical Support & Solutions, LLC (O.S.E.T.S.S.) is embarking on a new leg of its programmed expansion in delivering hardware support, featuring unparalleled ship-in POS (Point-Of- Sale) equipment repair services for out-of-warranty hardware, specifically addressing food service and hospitality retailer applications.

Expect this firm to rapid""ly assume a position of stature in the national marketplace because of its unique niche in providing POS system hardware repairs and replacement, without the encumbrances of onsite visits. Its present sizeable customer base has expanded to date solely by word-of-mouth from very satisfied clients. Knowing that the only reason others haven’t availed themselves of its services is that they are not aware of them, O.S.E.T.S.S. is now poised to launch advertising across the U.S.

Jim Kerrigan, the founder of O.S.E.T.S.S., says, “Although computer components in general are expected to last 3-4 years, food service industry machines
typically fail much faster, due to the negative environmental factors they are constantly subjected to. “Although almost all POS system owners sign on to their software provider’s technical support program, a very smart thing to do, business owners are still left with the potential for significant hardware problems.

When—not if—these occur, they put him somewhere between the proverbial rock and a hard place. The owner is now left with two choices: Replace their failed component with a brand new unit. Or ‘hope for the best’ by using a local full service computer store’s repair department.”

“I saw the need for a specialty repair company . . . one that would not even attempt to be all things to all customers, just the best at getting POS components repaired properly, and inexpensively. O.S.E.T.S.S. has no storefront presence, no fancy offices, no sales team. In other words, we have ridiculously low overhead costs, and are willing to provide products and services at a minimal profit margin.”

Given O.S.E.T.S.S.’ potential value to the food service industry, the firm is gearing up for significant increase in its national client base during the months to come. Its expansion is due to excellent customer service combined with fast high-quality repairs at reasonable cost.

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