OrderSnapp offers free iPad point-of-sale system to pizza restaurants


Over the past two years, there has been a significant move in the restaurant market to replace larger, pricier point-of-sale (POS) systems with iPads and other tablet devices. The shift is being driven by the need for restaurants to accept new mobile payment options, as well as prepping for EMV and better integration with e-commerce and operational systems.

OrderSnapp, a leading provider of online and mobile ordering technologies for pizzerias and small restaurants, now offers a free tablet POS system. Both startups looking to control investment costs and current restaurant owners who want to avoid expensive upgrades on old POS systems can rely on OrderSnapp POS to help them manage their businesses and start selling today.

The OrderSnapp POS system offers high-end POS features without the price. It provides easy menu or catalog editing, split checks and payment, shift/cashbox management, and kitchen and receipt printing. It allows restaurant owners to track sales and cash flow and simplifies bookkeeping by acting as a cash register and payment terminal. It also makes communications between the kitchen and servers more direct while providing fast transactions through secure credit card processing for in-store, takeout, and delivery orders.

No setup fee or contract is required for OrderSnapp POS, and the software is free. Businesses will pay only 2.75% per swipe-through for all major credit cards. The system can be used with most standard hardware. Should a business need hardware, startup packages are available for as low as $650, including printer, cashbox, iPad enclosures, secure credit card reader, and cables. OrderSnapp POS is available in the Apple iTunes store, and customer service is available 24 hours a day.

The OrderSnapp POS system integrates with the company’s all-in-one digital ordering system. Through this solution, the OrderSnapp team helps businesses create their own customized online ordering website—or page off an existing site—and mobile application for Apple and Android. The easy-to-use website lets customers find a restaurant, its phone number, location, coupons, and menu and place orders in mere seconds, helping pizzerias increase profits.

There are no hidden fees or commission charges with OrderSnapp. Business owners can promote their own URL and access all of the customer contact data that is collected, including customer name and email addresses. OrderSnapp also provides social media support, business listing management and reputation management to help pizzerias establish or improve their online presence.

For more information, call 888-402-6863 or visit ordersnapp.com.