Ordering Pizza To Times Square Plazas Is The Way Of The Future

""According to, “What better place to sit down, not smoke a cigarette and have some lunch than smack in the middle of Times Square? Other than literally anywhere else, that is. The Times Square Alliance is trying to make their pedestrian plazas an inviting place to hang, especially for the office crowd, and their latest idea is to say it with food. The TSA issued two requests for proposals today, one for a food and beverage concession stand [pdf], and the other for a food delivery service for the plaza [pdf]. And according to their FAQs, ‘Beer and Wine is permitted if the proper license is obtained.'”

“Tim Tompkins, president of the Times Square Alliance,

told the Post

, “If you’re sitting there, we want you to have the opportunity to get a light beverage or snack. We’re constantly thinking about how to make these Broadway plazas a great urban space.” However, no permanent, full-sized restaurants would be able to set up shop; the structure needs to be “moveable” for events like New Year’s. Up to five vendors could be contracted to serve to 350 red chairs and 100 tables, and they could be up and running as early as this summer.”