Cleveland, OH—The founders of O-Web Technologies started their entrepreneurial venture before entering Case Western Reserve University in 2003. The recent graduates designed and developed ONOSYS, which fulfilled an online quest to order pizza quickly and efficiently. The software has put the company on a path to success just as they received their college diplomas.

The decision to build ONSOYS came in 2006 when O-Web Technologies was contacted by one of Cleveland’s oldest pizza chains, Rascal House Pizza. Rascal House saw the value of online ordering – as the market for it was nearly $300 million annually. With several limitations with existing platforms, primarily stemming from customer services and poor user interface, the founders decide to increase their web presence by designed a an online ordering solution that better catered to its growing audience – Internet savvy college students. The system was thus named ONOSYS, which simply stands for online ordering system.

Today, ONOSYS serves as the online ordering backbone for more than 25 quick service and casual dining chains across the United States and Canada. Online ordering has become one of the most rapidly growing technologies being adapted by the restaurant industry. Chili’s, Quiznos, Hungry Howie’s, Charley’s Grilled Subs, Pizza Pan, Qdoba, and Jersey Mikes are just some of the restaurants utilizing the ONOSYS platform.

Graduating in May 2007, the founders of O-Web Technologies traded their campus dorms for a permanent office in the heart of Cleveland’s downtown area. The success of ONOSYS has given the company a new niche in the online ordering arena where the founders see the largest potential growth for their company. Founders Stan Garber, Alex Yakubovich and Oleg Fridman expect to quadruple their client roster within the next year since homework and exams won’t interfere with business meetings and sales calls.


Nationally recognized as one of the leading providers of online ordering systems, ONOSYS’ award winning offering incorporates Web 2.0 technologies that extend the functionality of each restaurant’s ordering system. These innovations include point-of-sale integration, intelligent upselling, user-enabled content management and administration, and sophisticated marketing components that facilitate deeper connections and conversations with their customers.

According to Stan Garber, Senior Sales Manager at O-Web Technologies, “restaurants experience a return on their investment within weeks of launching the ONOSYS program.  The online ordering system reduce costs by eliminating the amount of time employees spend taking phone orders, which often produces costly errors during high volume shifts.”

The system was recently honored by the Northeast Ohio Software Association (NEOSA) in the Best of Tech Award as the best Web Site/e-Commerce Application in 2007. The deciding factor in their win was that ONOSYS was very engaging, creative and has begun gathering excellent traction within the restaurant industry.

About O-Web Technologies Ltd.

Established in 2003 O-Web Technologies Ltd. ( specializes in developing world-class, customer-focused Web sites, valuable e-commerce components, and business extending intranets and extranets to clients worldwide. Their ONOSYS ( division is a national leader in providing smart online ordering systems to the restaurant industry that streamline the ordering process, extend and promote the restaurant’s brand, and provide previously unavailable marketing insights and opportunities to personalize and strengthen their customer relationships.

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