Online Pizza Freestyle Battle

The Online Pizza Freestyle B""attle gives you the chance to compete in a one-on-one battle with the best pizza acrobats in the world–online from the comfort of your pizzeria or your home! All you have to do is become a friend of Juan Ramon Hermosillo on Facebook and say that you want to compete in the O.P.F.B, have a You Tube account and your camera ready to record yourself. The deadline to compete is October 16. If you aren’t ready to compete and just want to watch the battles…you can watch the greatest online pizza competition and vote for favorite pizza spinner, leaving encouraging notes to keep him going into the final battle.

The O.P.F.B gathers the world’s best pizza spinners online and pairs them in a draft to duel in a 3-round battle of videos and the winner goes on to duel another of another battle and like this they will be eliminating themselves until there are only two pizza acrobats for the final five round battle of videos.

The rounds work like this: whichever competitor has the first letter of their last name closest to the letter “A” goes first and starts the battle by loading a 30-to-40 second video to start the battle. The videos goes first to You Tube and the link of the video goes on the Facebook wall of Juan Ramon Hermosillo. The next competitor has to respond to the video by attempting to do better and they will be responding to each other or battling until they both have three videos. All competitors will be judged by Juan Hermosillo.

You can watch all of the battles online on Juan Hermosillo’s Facebook page. The winning video will be shown on

Don’t forget to cheer for your country and your favorite pizza spinner!