Online Ordering company spotlight

The 411eat online ordering service can be integrated with all major POS systems—including Aloha, Micros, Maitre’D, and POSitouch—and can also be integrated with mobile devices, tablets, laptops and even Facebook. 411eat offers in-store kiosk solutions that enable customers to order via tablets and have their orders placed directly into your POS system. The system is customizable for the exact look and feel you desire, and its features are specifically designed to maximize sales for pizzerias. 213-622-4247,

Meridian Star
Meridian Star offers customers the ability to view your entire menu online and order from their home or office computer anytime. The company will design a professional, state-of-the-art website that reflects your menu and business style, allowing customers to shop, order and pay online. All orders are securely processed by your in-store system—combined with Meridian Star’s software—and then sent to be packaged for delivery, takeout or pickup. 855-853-6485,

Breakaway Restaurant Solutions
Breakaway’s online ordering system, IRIS, is customizable and fully integrated with the company’s Vision POS system so that online orders go straight to your kitchen, inventory is kept updated and guest information is stored for future use. The result is the pleasing and easy online experience that customers have come to expect. To learn more, contact Breakaway for a free demo. 817-299-4500, is a free online portal that lets customers order pizza from restaurants in their area. It instantly gives restaurants a complete online ordering solution, fully interactive menu and online marketing services to increase their bottom line by attracting new customers. One million-plus customers have used or its iPhone app to order from thousands of pizzerias across the nation. Receive a free 30-day trial when you sign up. 888-974-9928,

Microworks PrISM WebOrder v4 allows your customers to place orders via a Web browser or mobile device. They’ll have a simple, secure way to manage their orders while you maintain a single shared credit card batch with your POS system. Online orders are automatically transferred to your POS system, just as with an in-store order: Kitchen printers fire, and makeline, driver and ordering stations immediately reflect any Web activity. 800-787-2068,

One Click Dining
One Click Dining is a low-cost, feature-rich online ordering service that offers free marketing tools, including texting and customer loyalty programs. The latest upgrade includes half-and-half pizzas, group ordering and SMS texting. Also, the new itekPOS, a cloud-based, hybrid POS with online ordering, runs on Apple mobile devices. This inexpensive, easy-to-use system lets your servers place orders and close out guest checks at the table via an iPhone or iPod touch.  877-328-8040,

PDQ online ordering integrates directly into the point-of-sale at the store level. Any orders placed online go straight into the POS and print to the kitchen, as if the person had called the store directly. The system is designed for ease of use, large pictures, upselling, coupons, menu descriptions and all of the other features you’ll need for efficient online ordering. 877-968-6430,

SpeedLine Solutions
Losing customers on hold? Want bigger, more frequent delivery, carryout and catering orders—without adding staff? With SpeedLine, you can integrate online ordering to feed Web, mobile and even Facebook orders into your POS. Menu changes can automatically update online while keeping prices, menu items, delivery zones, hours and coupons all in sync. Extras include integrated email, text and social media marketing, and 24-hour monitoring for Web outages. 888-400-9185,