According to a news article from, “Wingstop CEO James A. Flynn announced today that the company’s yearlong test of online ordering was an overwhelming success resulting in the decision to implement systemwide.”

“This is a convenience our customers want and expect,” said Flynn. “We want to thank Jordan Kimberg with for doing a tremendous job of building in fantastic subliminal sales stimuli, suggestive selling, and up-selling to create a best-of-class system for our brand partners.” The process, dubbed eWings, was tested in 120 Wingstop stores. According to Brad Williams, senior franchise business consultant for Wingstop, analysis of the findings showed the average check size of online orders was roughly double that of the average ticket in store, making the roll-out determination easy,” said the story.

“The system creates real operational time efficiencies for our brand partners, especially on weekends, our busiest time,” said Williams. “We noticed customers really like the convenience of ordering online on nights of big games too.” A separate catering menu built into eWings has resulted in a significant source of additional revenues for the stores due to the ease of ordering for large groups. Combination packs have been designed that include enough wings and sides for between 25 and 200 people and are customizable so customers can order their favorite wings, dips and sides within each package. The largest catering ticket to date was $1,731.98,” according to the article.

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