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Online Freestyle Pizza Tossing Battles Return July 16 to 22

Have you ever wanted to compete in a pizza tossing competition, but couldn't find a way to travel to one?  

With Online Freestyle Battles, you can go head-to-head against some of the greatest pizza spinners in the world, without ever leaving home or paying a cent for a plane ticket. 

The competition is organized by international award-winning pizza spinner, Juan Hermosillo. Hermosillo’s Freestyle Training School in Mexico, El Alma de Napoles, is hosting the event, with sponsorship from Throw Dough. T-Shirt sales support the event and can be purchased by contacting Juan directly via his Facebook page.

Looking to reach a global audience, Hermosillo makes announcements about the competition through online videos in both Spanish and English. Hermosillo expects competitors will submit pizza tossing videos from France, Argentina, Italy and even Indonesia. 

Interested in competing?

Here are Hermosillo's top tips for competing in the Online Freestyle Battles scheduled for July 16 to 22.



  1. Sign up by making a post on the Online Freestyle Battles page that includes your picture, name, and team/organization you represent between July 16 and 22. Tag Juan Hermosillo in the post. 
  2. Create a video that is between three and five minutes long.
  3. Include table work with one dough, two doughs, and then whatever you want after that.
  4. Make sure your whole body is within the camera frame at all times.



  1. Submit videos that are grainy, too dark or pixilated.
  2. Use any editing or filters.
  3. “Throw and catch,” a phrase coined by Hermosillo which refers to performing skills which are impressive (such as juggling or gymnastics) but not related to the art of pizza spinning. If you DO incorporate other talents into your pizza spinning routine, make sure that you fuse them with fundamental acrobatic pizza skills. 
  4. Make use of visual techniques with dough, like cutting holes into the edges or stretching it in a way that it flares out into waves as it’s being spun. Again, these are techniques which are not related to advanced skills in freestyle. 


Other useful things to know

  • Videos can be submitted between July 16 and 22.
  • Sign up is free! 
  • Participants will be judged on the theme of their routine, music and synchronization. 
  • Points are scaled depending on how tough your dough is. 
    • 10 points are possible for using real, soft dough
    • 9.5 is the max for using real dough which is fully resilient 
    • 8.5 is the max for using a synthetic dough like Throw Dough 

To follow the event, add Juan on Facebook and watch his video updates.