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One toss closer to destiny

According to a news report from, “Attention, Pillsbury Dough Boy: Run and hide. Now. Otherwise, Frank Tamasi will find you and see how far you can fly. The 10-year-old St. Albans boy – Tamasi, not Pillsbury’s giggly mascot – took his dough-tossing talents to the Lamoille County Field Days Talent Show Sunday and returned home with the top prize.”

“Frank stole the show by tossing, juggling, and doing tricks with his pizza dough,” said his grandfather, Paul Tamasi. Frank, a young but highly competitive pizza-dough tosser, took the stage in Johnson, donning his red pizza shirt, chef’s hat and red, high-top sneakers,” said the story. “When Frank’s signature music, “Pizza Boy USA” started, he came to life. He flipped his pizza dough into the air, spun it on his small fingers, and twirled it behind his back and beneath his legs. The crowd went wild.”

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