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One-Millionth Customer Places Order on Real Time Ordering's Online Ordering Software

Real Time Ordering announces that it has just surpassed one million users of its Online Ordering Software.  The customer placed the order at a Figaro’s Pizza in Keizer, OR, selecting a Santa Fe BBQ Chicken Pizza and Figgy Cinnamon Stix.

With its one-millionth user, RTO has become one of the largest online food delivery service providers – industry leader GrubHub recently announced it has 3.4 million active users.  Like GrubHub, RTO allows restaurant goers the ability to order their meals for either pick-up or delivery via an online or mobile device. Jason Kiefer, RTO founder said, “GrubHub has done an excellent job to attract consumers to a large variety of restaurants that sign up for their service. Real Time Ordering offers a corporate solution for chains that want to brand that experience online.”

Overall, online ordering has grown in recent years at more than 30 percent annually, with the largest increases coming through mobile apps. The significant growth isn’t surprising when considering the huge advantages online and mobile ordering have over traditional take-out alternatives. For example, consumers can browse the menus at their leisure, customize each order, prepay, and then not have to wait in a line if choosing to pick-up the food.

With thousands of restaurants in two countries using RTO’s online ordering platform, the company has come a long way from its humble beginning in a sandwich shop in Corona, CA in 2002. Kiefer was an undergraduate student at nearby California State University in Fullerton, working part-time at Subs Galore when he realized there had to be a more efficient way to place orders.  The steady stream of phone orders were continually interrupting customer service, resulting in frequent errors and disappointed on-premise patrons.

Kiefer worked on an online ordering platform during his spare time and offered it to the sandwich shop, launching RTO. Today, RTO serves independent operators as well as large regional chains, such as Jet’s Pizza and Figaro’s Pizza.  

When RTO shared the good news with Figaro’s Pizza President, Rick Glenn, he commented: “Our customers love using online ordering for the convenience and our store owners see higher ticket averages and a simplification of their operation. I don’t see how a pizza shop can run its business today without that connection to consumers.”

Real Time Ordering looks to continue its growth and is on pace for another million customers in the coming year.

Founded in 2006, Real Time Ordering is a leading provider of online ordering solutions for the restaurant and hospitality industries. For more information about the company and its products, visit