(Press Release) Lithuania- September 19, 2012–It was the search for challenge that encouraged lithuanians to make this strange astronomy project happen.

The pizza’s incredible voyage involved meticulous planning with the Lithuanian Airspace Control Centre which used a phone to keep track of the pizza’s position. With only a 20-minute slot for the record attempt, the centre closely monitored the flight to ensure that planes kept out of its path.

As planned, the balloon burst at three times the height at which planes fly after a two-hour ascent. The exact height that the pizza reached is unknown because the signal disappeared at 33km above the Earth.

After it fallen back to ground, a team spent a couple of hours searching some woodland for the pizza before finding it hanging from a tree. Despite the trip to the edge of space, it appeared to be none the worse for the journey.

The cameras captured some stunning views of the Earth from 33km up which can be clearly seen in the video.

The successful record attempt coincided with the opening of the world’s first pizza museum in Philadelphia, USA. The Lithuanian achievement will be shared with the museum along with a video from material captured by the cameras that accompanied the pizza on its journey into space.

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