On the Road to the White House, Figaro’s Delivers

“We Bake or You Bake” Pizza Concept Offers Free Delivery to McCain, Obama

            (Salem, OR)—Senator McCain and Senator Obama, Figaro’s Pizza wants YOU…to have the best pizza possible, that is. Ron Berger, chairman and CEO of Figaro’s Italian Pizza, has announced that if either McCain or Obama is ever within five miles of one of the more than 100 Figaro’s restaurants across the country, Figaro’s will deliver up to 10 pizzas to the candidate and their staff free of charge.

            “My fellow Americans, it’s still a long road to the White House and we want to make sure that both candidates remain in top form along the way,” said Berger. “We’re all for the electoral process here at Figaro’s and to show our support of both John McCain and Barack Obama, we will happily provide them with a delicious meal featuring flavors that sing!® as they continue their quest toward the nation’s top job.” Berger notes that while he expects most orders will be of the pre-cooked variety, the chain is happy to deliver uncooked pies at the candidate’s request.

            Founded in 1981, Salem, Oregon-based Figaro’s Pizza has been recognized as “the best pizza you can have at home.” Pizzas can be baked in the restaurant or taken home in oven-ready baking trays for home baking. Pizza is also sold by the slice in some stores. There are 4,000 topping combinations to choose from. Dependent upon location, other menu items may include lasagna, sandwiches, calzones, salads and soft drinks. Figaro’s Pizza has grown to over 100 locations and the company expects to open 15 to 20 new units per year over the next several years. The company is focusing on building mass in its current 21 states using a network of master franchisees. For more information, visit the company’s web site at