Winter Park, FL, January 31, 2011–If you seek to offer cost effective, more nutritional, but good-tasting foods this seed may be your answer.  Omega 3 Chia® Whole Seed & Omega 3 Chia® Cold Milled Seed Flour are naturally Gluten Free, and considered a complete, perfect food.  You may add chia to any of your recipes – pizza dough, breads, sauces, soups, meatballs – and now you have a Functional Food – High in Omega-3’s (good for heart health) Antioxidants (good for fighting disease) Fiber (for a healthy digestive tract) Protein & Essential Minerals. 

Chia significantly enhances flavor, allows for the reduction of salt and/or sugar in a recipe (without losing the flavor profile), and is an exceptional choice for children’s meals since it is undetectable.   

Omega 3 Chia® seed and cold milled seed have been certified by the Nutritional Science Research Institute (NSRI) that all the natural nutritional properties of omega-3’s, antioxidants, fiber, protein, calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium survive the baking process. 

1 ½ Tablespoons (just 15 grams) of Omega 3 Chia® has:

Omega-3 fatty acids = 5oz salmon (no possible toxins)                    Protein                  = ¼ cup kidney beans

Antioxidants                           = 15 blueberries                               Calcium                =3.1oz whole milk

Fiber                                      = 3 T Bran                                       Magnesium           =2.5 cups raw spinach

Iron                                        =3 cups raw spinach


Wow, all that in one little seed, who knew? 

What sets the Omega 3 Chia® brand apart?  It is the only chia with all of the following certifications:  GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), HACCP, Non-GMO, Kosher, and full traceability –  from seed to shelf.  100% Naturally Grown by our own growers without the use of pesticides.

For additional information and details go to or or contact Maryl at maryl@omega3chia or 561.909.7837

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