OEM today is a world leader company in food equipment field with its 11.000.000 € turnover, 60 employees, wide range of professional products and above 30 years experience in providing the customers with complete and specific pizzerias equipments and directly supporting him in his business.

As a matter of fact OEM target is to satisfy the everyday needs of pizzerias, from the traditional ones to the modern pizzeria chains through a complete project of the best and functional solutions for every single activity.

A further company strong peculiarity is the large investment in research and development: every single product is designed directly by high specialized internal technicians paying the highest attention to the rules in place and only after testing the complete functionality of machines, the serial production can start.

OEM, with its 16.000 square mt., is the only one company in the world which is able to produce completely in its factory the equipments to make easier and automate the pizza productive process (kneading machine, portioning machines, rounding machines, press form machines, vegetable and mozzarella cutters, several types of baking ovens).

Top quality machines in every category which easily won the world market: 65% of the OEM production is destined to export and in particular: 40% to Spain, Portugal, France, Germany and England, 30% Russia and Central Europe, the remaining 30% goes to Middle East and to the rest of the world.

Fucusing its attention on quality, technology and innovation and to constantly keep the highest values and development, OEM recently began a new internal re-organization with the acquisition of new professional players in leading roles: the new General Manager, Paolo Finatti, and two new new Area Sales Managers, Anna Masioli and Massimiliano Berto under the guide of the new Commercial Director, Marco Adorni.

The present targets of OEM are to confirm the company as an open and cooperative partner and its leadership and brand as a “premium brand”.



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