Ocean City Pizza Icon Slices Up Its Name

""Philly.com reports, “They’ve been taking three simple ingredients – tomato sauce, cheese, and dough – and crafting them into edible memories for so long here that the name Mack & Manco is as iconic on this beach resort’s boardwalk as its Ferris wheel and salt water taffy.”

“So inherent in local culture is this throwback pizza parlor – actually there are now three boardwalk locations and one across the bridge on the mainland in Somers Point – that followers of the crispy tomato pies will tell you they seek a “Mack & Manco’s” rather than a simple slice of pizza when headed for the boardwalk.”

So when the name ‘Mack’ is officially dropped Jan. 1 from a moniker that has been around since 1956 and the place is called simply Manco & Manco, jaws are likely to drop.The reasons for the impending change, after all these years, are shrouded in mystery, like the secret recipes for the pies.”