Oakland pizza shop owner fatally shoots armed robber

According to an article from NCTimes.com, “OAKLAND, Calif. — The owner of a popular pizza shop opened fire on three robbery suspects, killing one of them and apparently wounding his own son.”

The report said owner of Coliseum Pizza, 41-year-old Catarino Piedra, will not face charges of a crime because the pizza shop owner was acting in self-defense after three men tried to rob him.

In the article, Piedra said he feared his life and his three children’s lives were in danger when he opened fire on the three men around 9:30 p.m. on Thursday.


“I was scared,” Piedra said. “I had to defend my family.”

In the report, he told police, “ I keep a gun under the counter because my delivery drivers are frequently robbed.”

Twenty-two year-old Aleen Joseph Hicks III was killed and the report said, “Hicks was on probation for a marijuana conviction, and was facing battery charges when he died.”

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