"Gluten-free and vegan products are cropping up on store shelves, in deli cases and on takeout menus in growing numbers, from gluten-free bread to vegan burgers. But gluten-free, vegan pizza? Not so much.

That’s because it’s hard to find wheat-free crusts that don’t taste like cardboard and dairy-free cheese that melts like the real thing.

But now, NYPD Pizza says it has found the right products to make a palatable pizza without wheat or dairy," according to azcentral.com.

The Valley-based chain recently introduced Daiya, a cheese-like food product made in Canada from cassava and arrowroot. Customers can substitute the vegan cheese on any pizza at no extra cost or try the new specialty pizza, the Veganizza, topped with Daiya, spinach, garlic, Roma tomatoes and fresh basil.

“It used to be pizza minus cheese was vegan,” said company CEO Richard Stark, whose vegan son was the driving force behind the change. “They had to accept a cheeseless pie. We’re happy we can offer a more authentic experience.”

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