According to the Associated Press, ” A New York City pizza parlor owner says a deliveryman fended off a gunman trying to make off with his pies and still managed to deliver them to his customer.”

“Frank Grecco, the owner of Famous Famiglia pizza in East Harlem, says 19-year-old Assami Semde (ah-SAH’-mee SEHM’-dee) was trying to deliver two pizzas to a nearby apartment last week when two men started harassing him, saying they wanted slices. Grecco says one man pointed a gun at Semde and told him to leave the pizzas. Grecco says Semde put the pies down and that when the gunman bent over to get them, Semde shoved him so he’d lose his balance. Police say one man has been arrested on attempted robbery charges. And Semde, escorted by police, delivered his pizzas — one pepperoni and one cheese, still hot.”

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