Nurse invents world’s first pizza candy

(Press release), Palm Springs, CA, June 26, 2013 — Nobody should have to live without pizza is the mantra of this new company called Pizza is 4 Suckers. Tens of millions of people are limited in what they can eat by dietary restrictions imparted on them by their medical issues. Diabetes, high blood pressure, celiac disease, obesity, and lactose intolerance are some of the more mainstream conditions.

The founder of the company, a registered nurse with a doctorate degree, donated a kidney to her friend in 2007. After that, she started working with kidney patients. It came to her attention that a common theme amongst patients who had to monitor what they ate was a yearning for Pizza! Pizza is one of the world's most coveted foods that nobody should have to sacrifice.

After much research and many trials, the founder developed a candy that tastes like pizza. It is full of flavor minus the sugar, gluten, fat. A sugar free candy, gluten free candy and kosher candy that tastes like pizza? Can it be true? A pizza that is 24-7?
Weekly meetings with SCORE, a non-profit branch of the Small Business Association, was very instrumental in learning how to set up and operate a business. With a mentor like Bruce Paschal, the 90 year old retired President from DOLE Food Companies, Pizza is 4 Suckers was destined to become fully operational.

Starting with the basics of how grandma used to make suckers, the major obstacle was making it taste like pizza! Bittersweet, it was difficult because there are myriads of pizza flavors to invent, just like fingerprints. But, pizza is pizza is pizza. The joyous part of the entire process was doing the taste tests and watching the expressions on people's faces. In national market trials, people were shocked by the base authentic taste of Pizza is 4 Suckers.
The registered slogan is, "It's not just a candy…It's a snack!"®. The candy is conveniently wrapped so that one can enjoy it on-the-go, in a theatre, at the library, driving in a traffic jam, at work, and when there is nothing else in the house to eat! Pizza is 4 Suckers is ideal for those practicing a gluten-free diet, those limiting their sugar intake or for those who are actively monitoring their fat or carbohydrate consumption.
The ideas for how to use this elusive, fun and yummy pizza candy are infinite. How many can you think of? Compare your ideas with the ideas posted on

About Pizza is 4 Suckers

Pizza is 4 Suckers is a female owned and operated small business. Dr. Rita DiCarlo is degreed with a Doctorate of Chiropractic and as a Registered Nurse. The business is located in Palm Desert, CA with two rescue dogs, Bernie and Spinner as the honorary employees orchestrating the foundation, Dogs-n-Diabetes. "It's not just a candy…It's a snack!"®